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Switching repositories with Magit

Magit is an awesome git interface for emacs. The normal workflow with magit is to do M-x magit-status, if the file you are editing is in a git repository you will have magit UI opened allowing you interact with the git repo. Otherwise it will ask you to enter the path to a git repository and opens a magit UI for that repository.

It often happens that you are editing a file in a some git repository but want to open the magit UI for some other git repository. You can of course open a file from the other repository and do magit-status, but there should be a better way to do so. And as with most things in Emacs, there is a better way. If you call magit-status with a prefix argument, it will prompt you for path to the git repository you want to switch to and open a magit UI associated with that repository.

This is well and good but you still have to enter the path to repository, this little improvement over opening a file and then calling magit-status. We can improve the this further by using the variable magit-repo-dirs. Basically you can set this variable to a list of directories that contain the git directories and magit will search for git repositories in those directories and offer them as choices when you do C-u M-x magit-status.

Setting magit-repo-dirs definitely is huge improvement over the previous two methods. As a bonus if you happen to use projectile like I do, you can also use the fact that projectile remembers your past projects to set magit-repo-dirs to all the git repositories that you have visited. I have the following piece of elisp in my init file to do this.

(eval-after-load "projectile"
  '(progn (setq magit-repo-dirs (mapcar (lambda (dir)
                                          (substring dir 0 -1))
                                        (remove-if-not (lambda (project)
                                                         (file-directory-p (concat project "/.git/")))

                magit-repo-dirs-depth 1)))

The code above filters non-git directories from the projects known to projectile and sets them to magit-repo-dirs. It also sets magit-repo-dirs to 1 so that magit searches only the top level directories. Now whenever I do C-u M-x magit-status it prompts me with the name of all the git repositories on my PC, that I have visited atleast once. Finally if for some reason you want to manually enter the path to git repository you can do C-u C-u M-x magit-status.


As of Magit v2.1, the variable magit-repo-dirs has been renamed to magit-repo-directories and magit-repo-dirs-depth has been renamed to magit-repository-directories-depth, so the above would not work. Use the following instead

(eval-after-load "projectile"
  '(setq magit-repository-directories (mapcar #'directory-file-name
                                              (cl-remove-if-not (lambda (project)
                                                                  (file-directory-p (concat project "/.git/")))

         magit-repository-directories-depth 1))